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Citrine occurs naturally in a wide variety of yellow colors, all of which are caused by varying quantities of iron atoms in the Citrine crystal structure.  We often see very pale or almost colorless Citrine.  With higher quantities of iron, we see wine-yellow, honey-yellow, and saffron-yellow specimens, while others have quite a pronounced brown or orange tinge. 


A honey-yellow Citrine crystal from Brazil was faceted by Robert Michael and used in this piece.  The pear-shaped gemstone measures 10x7mm and weighs 2 carets.  The Rhodium-plated setting is one of Robert’s own designs, cast in Sterling Silver.


A very short silver-colored chain will be included in the gift box with this item, but please be aware that this chain is for display purposes only.  It is used solely to hold the pendant upright in the box. It is made of inexpensive basic metal, not Gold or Silver.   


We recommend either an 18" or 20" Medium Venetian Box Sterling Silver Chain, #1104, for this Pendant.


Citrine is a November Birthstone.


Please be aware that the items in our photos are often much larger than actual. This is done intentionally to give you a closeup view.If you ha

Brazilian Citrine in a Robert Michael Design #5364

SKU: 5364
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