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Most people think of Garnet as a reddish gemstone.  However, there are eight main color varieties of Garnet found throughout the world, including shades of red, orange, pink, green, black and honey brown.  Due to the presence of Iron atoms in a Garnet molecular structure, colors will range from red, orange to brown.  The presence of Vanadium or Chromium atoms produce various shades of green.


Robert Michael purchased an orange Hessonite Garnet crystal from a source in Sri Lanka.  He faceted the crystal into this 10x7mm pear-shaped gemstone weighing 2.4 carats and set it in a Sterling Silver Pendant which Robert designed.   In the construction process, Robert sanded round Sterling Silver wire into oval-shaped wire, with the intent of capturing colorful reflections on the interior of the Pendant.


Garnet is the January Birthstone.


We recommend a 20" or 24" Medium Venetian Box Sterling Silver Chain, #1104, for this Pendant.


Please be aware that the items in our photos are often much larger than actual.  This is done intentionally to give you a closeup view.

Hessonite Garnet in a Robert Michael Design #5397

SKU: 5397
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