#5580: Colorado Amethyst in Sterling Silver


Robert faceted and set this gem

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The Amethyst Queen mining area, located South of Grand Junction, Colorado, is once again under claim and is producing very nice clusters of Amethyst combined with many other associated minerals.  This Amethyst is different in that it tends to be lighter in color than either Arizona, Brazil or Uruguay Amethyst.  There is also substantial color-zoning in this material causing a rapid change from clear white quartz to dark purple within each individual crystal.

Robert Michael acquired a large quantity of these Amethyst crystals from the owner of the Humming Bird Mine, one of a dozen original mines.  He faceted one of the crystals into this 12x10mm oval gemstone weighing 4.2 carat. He then set the gem in a Sterling Silver Pendant.

Amethyst is the February Birthstone.

A very short silver-colored chain will be included in the gift box with this item, but please be aware that this chain is for display purposes only.  It is used solely to hold the pendant upright in the box.    It is made of inexpensive basic metal, NOT Gold or Silver.   If you would like to include a Sterling or 14kt White Gold chain, please take a peek at the “Other Items category and make your selection.

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