#5014: Madeira Citrine and Topaz in Sterling Silver


Robert Michael faceted and set this gem

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Santa Ana Madeira Citrine is one of the most valuable citrines, displaying an intensely saturated red-orange to red-brown color. Gemstones with highly saturated yellow, orange and reddish tones are considered to be the most valuable. Santa Ana Madeira citrine has excellent clarity with no eye-visible inclusions.  This gemstone is named after the fortified wine made in the Madeira Islands, just off the coast of Portugal.

Deposits of naturally colored citrine are found mainly in Brazil, Uruguay, Madagascar and Burma.  The Madeira Citrine crystal used in this item came from Uruguay and was faceted by Robert Michael into a 10mm round gem weighing 4.5 carats.  He then set the gem in a Sterling Silver pendant along with three 2mm White Topaz accent gems.  The display chain is not included.

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