#5372: Colorado Peridot in Sterling Silver


Robert mined, faceted and set this Peridot

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Robert Michael mines for Peridot on his own mining claim located South of Hartsel, Colorado.  He faceted one of those crystals into a 7x5mm oval gemstone weighing .7 carats.   Robert then set the gem in this Sterling Silver Pendant.

The Peridot crystals that Robert unearths at his claim tend to be on the small side, but the color and clarity are fantastic.  This location produces gemstones that consistently display a very slight yellow tint mixed in with the green, which gives this Peridot such a unique color.   The yellow-green mix is mostly determined by the amount of Iron present in each Peridot crystal.

Peridot is one of the August Birthstones.

A very short chain will be included in the gift box with this item, but please be aware that this chain is for display purposes only.  It is used solely to hold the item upright in the box.    It’s made of inexpensive basic metal, not Sterling.   If you would like to include a Sterling Silver Chain, please take a peek at the “Other Items” category and make your selection.

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