#6126: Colorado Gemstones – Topaz and Peridot

Robert mined, faceted and set these gems


Robert Michael mines for Topaz near Lake George, CO, most notably in the Tarryall Mountains.  Using one of those Topaz crystals, he faceted this 9x7mm gemstone weighing 2.5 carats.  Robert also mines Peridot on his mining claim South of Hartsel.  Robert chose an excellent gem cutter in Sri Lanka to facet many smaller gemstones including these sixteen 2mm round Peridot which he then set, along with the Topaz, in this Rhodium-plated Sterling Silver Ring.  The ring is a Size 7, but can resized as needed.

Topaz is one of the November Birthstones.  Peridot is one of the August Birthstones.

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