#5602: Natural Moldavite, the only Extraterrestrial Gemstone


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Moldavite, found only in the Czech Republic, was formed approximately 20 million years ago during the impact of three large meteorites near the River Moldau. The impact caused the existing rock in the Earth to melt and fuse with bits of the meteors, creating an explosive spray of molten crystal over hundreds of miles. As such, we refer to Moldavite as the only extraterrestrial gemstone.

Robert selected one of these natural gemstone and set it, as is, in a Sterling Silver Pendant.

A very short silver-colored chain will be included in the gift box with this item, but please be aware that this chain is for display purposes only.  It is used solely to hold the pendant upright in the box.    It is made of inexpensive basic metal, not Gold or Silver.   If you would like to include a Sterling Silver chain, please take a peek at the “Other Items category and make your selection.  Click on “Options” to view availability and prices.  If we are out of stock on a chain you would like, send us a note using the Product Inquiry form.  We’ll ship it to you as soon as possible, but this may take up to two weeks or more.