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These Paraiba Tourmaline gems originated in the State of Paraiba, Brazil. The beautiful  and unique blue-green color is caused by trace elements of Copper within the crystal.  This particular gem is called a "doublet", meaning that it is composed of two layers of gem material that enhance the color even more.  Robert Michael purchased this 12x10mm oval Paraiba gem, weighing over 5 carats, and set it in a Sterling Silver Pendant.


Tourmaline is a November Birthstone.


We recommend a 20" or 24" Round Loop Sterling Silver Chain, #1166, for this Pendant.


Please be aware that the jewelry items in the photos are often much larger than actual. This is done intentionally to give you a close up view of the items.

Paraiba Tourmaline in Sterling Silver #5424

SKU: 5424
$283.00 Regular Price
$226.40Sale Price
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