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While rockhounding in Utah, we found a baseball-size piece of Petrified Palm Tree. Upon returning to the shop, we sliced it like a loaf of bread. When cutting across the grain, we can clearly see the porous tubes that are so characteristic of living Palm Trees. Using one slice, we cut this 40x30mm oval Cabochon, which we set in a Sterling Silver Pendant.


Fossilized or petrified palm wood, also known as Palmoxylon, is an extinct genus of palm found around the world. The plants lived from the Late Cretaceous (83 million years ago) until the Early Miocene (34 million years ago). The spotted look of palmwood is caused by tube-like vascular rods occurring within the central cylinder structure of the original wood.


For this Pendant, we recommend a 24” Medium 8-sided Snake Sterling Silver Chain, #1020.



We'll be shipping this item in a very attractive Gift box and include a matching tote bag and crinkled paper. You'll be ready to present this gift in only a few minutes. All buttoned up, pretty, and sophisticated.


Please be aware that the items in our photos are often much larger than actual. This is done intentionally to give you a closeup view.

Utah Petrified Palm Tree Cabochon in Sterling Silver # 8044

SKU: 8044
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