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Moldavite, found only in the Czech Republic, was formed approximately 20 million years ago during the impact of three large meteorites near the River Moldau. The impact caused the existing rock in the Earth to melt and fuse with bits of the meteors, creating an explosive spray of molten crystal over hundreds of miles.  The materal cooled in the forming very unique crystals.  As such, we refer to Moldavite as the only extraterrestrial gemstone.  Robert selected one of these natural gemstone and set it, as is, in a Sterling Silver Pendant.


We recommend either an 18" or 20" Light Rope Sterling Silver Chain, # 1120, for this Pendant.


Please be aware that the items in our photos are often much larger than actual. This is done intentionally to give you a closeup view.

Natural Moldavite, the only Extraterrestrial Gemstone #5602

SKU: 5602
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