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Turning Your Vision Into Reality®

Share your thoughts or send us a drawing...

...we'll turn your vision into beautiful jewelry!

At times, the standard traditional diamond jewelry won’t send the message you want to send.  If you’re looking for something truly unique, we can help make your vision come to light.

Rocks to Gemstones

Perhaps you’d like a piece of jewelry using a rock that you found while hiking the Rocky Mountains.   In Colorado, the word “Rock” can mean different things. Well over 5,000 different minerals have been identified. Plus, there are at least 22 different semi-precious stones found in the State and we’ve located sources for 18.  Most people don’t realize this, but it’s entirely possible to find Amethyst, Amazonite, Aquamarine, Garnet, Peridot, Tourmaline, Zircon, Topaz, and many other semi-precious stones on the path or just off to the side.   We even have Diamonds along the Wyoming State line.


We have the equipment, creativity, and years of experience necessary to facet or cut your “Rock” into standard or non-standard size Gemstone. We can also produce custom settings for these faceted stones or even just the Rock itself.

We Think You’ll Love What We Deliver!

Scribbles on a Cocktail Napkin Work Fine

Torch work now done. a.jpg

Perhaps you’ve gone further and drawn an image to scale. 

Either way, we’ll accept what you share and give you honest feedback on our capabilities as well as recommendations based on our experiences and knowledge of various precious and semi-precious stones.

Berry-1-20-3-ZAPP - 3 square pendant.jpg

A customer asked me to make a pendant using a gemstone which she had purchased elsewhere. It was a beautiful concave-cut bi-color pink and white Tourmaline. Her only condition was she wanted the gem to be seen in its entirety, not shielded by the setting. From a stability and damage prevention standpoint, the setting would need to connect on the long ends of the gemstone and then connected in the back. Oddly, a tool used over 60 years ago popped into my head and made the perfect setting.

Ice 2.jpg

Short Story Examples

2021-11-24 17.32.49.png

When I was a child growing up in St. Louis, my grandfather would occasionally drive by the house and fling a cubic foot block of Ice onto the grass from the side door of his dairy delivery truck. He used a tool called “Ice Tongs”. With the pointed ends, the design was perfect for this Tourmaline.

Another customer asked if we had any knowledge of Herkimer Diamonds. Strangely enough, these are not Diamonds as the name implies. Instead, they are a clear pure Quartz crystal, pointed (terminated) on both ends. They’re called Diamonds because they sparkle just like a Diamond gemstone when they’re mined and put in sunlight. My customer was looking for a “before and after” piece using a Herkimer as the “before” specimen. We determined a stable ring design, one that would securely hold the Herkimer in place permanently. The center stone in this ring is a naturally occurring Herkimer Diamond which are mined in New York State. Then we added three smaller Colorado clear pure Quartz gemstones as accents to each side of the Herkimer. The result was stunning.


In another example, a customer wanted a princess-cut Ametrine set in a pendant.  Ametrine is a very unique form of Quartz.  It originates in only one mine located in Bolivia.  These crystals grow naturally as half Citrine (yellow-orange Quartz) and half Amethyst (purple Quartz), with a clear delineation between the two colorful minerals.  We arrived at a design that in essence, would be a three-gemstone transitioning piece. 


We placed a Citrine gemstone at the top, pointing down to the Ametrine. The yellow half of the Ametrine is facing up and the purple half facing down, connecting to an Amethyst.  All gemstones were identical princess cuts.  The delineation between yellow and purple was exactly centered, corner to corner, in the Ametrine.

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