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Back in the 1880's Helena, Montana was a major placer Gold mining area.  Sapphires were commonly found in the sluise boxes, but were immediately dumped back into the river due to the fact that they had no value back them.  Today, Helena is once again a popular mining area, but this time it's for beautiful pastel color Sapphires.  The Sapphires eroded from nearby mountains, eventually landing near the start of the Missouri River.  These have now been mined for many decades, and by all accounts, there are plenty left.   With the help of a personal contact in Helena, Robert Michael was able to acquire a fair quantity of these Sapphires and has been faceting the larger ones as needed.  Six smaller green Sapphires were faceted and Robert set them in this Size 8 Sterling Silver Ring.


Sapphire is the September Birthstone.


Please be aware that the items in our photos are often much larger than actual.  This is done intentionally to give you a closeup view of the items.  

Montana Sapphires in Sterling Silver #6154

SKU: 6154
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