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Robert Michael was given several pieces of Blue Chalcedony (pronounced "kal Sed' nee") from a collector who said the material was mined just North of Crawford, Nebraska.  Robert cut the Chalcedony into 12x12mm heart-shaped Cabochons and set them in Sterling Silver Pendants.


Chalcedony is a mixture of tiny (microcrystalline or cryptocrystalline) Quartz crystals and small quantities (trace elements) of other minerals.  Blue chalcedony occurs in a range of blue hues, from pale to darker blue, some with tints of gray and others with tints of pink. The color is generally attributed to the interference of light caused by voids between the individual crystals, a phenomenon known as “scattering”.


We recommend an 18" or 20" Light Venetian Box Sterling Chain, #1102, for this Pendant.


Please be aware that the items in our photos are often much larger than actual.  This is done intentionally to give you a closeup view.

Blue Chalcedony Heart in Sterling Silver #8102

SKU: 8102
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