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Zultanite is a gem variety of the mineral Diaspore, mined in the İlbir Mountains of southwest Turkey at an elevation of over 4,000 feet. Turkey is the only place where this mineral can be found.  Depending on its light source, it's color varies between a yellowish green, light gold, and purplish pink. Surprisingly, its color can be pastel green in outdoor light and beige pink in incandescent light.  Regardless of the light source, the color is so unique and absolutely beautiful.


Robert Michael purchased a few gem-grade crystals from a source in Istanbul, Turkey and faceted these two 4x3mm matching oval gemstones weighing .4 carats each. He set them in Sterling Silver Post Earrings.


We'll be shipping this item in a very attractive Gift box and include a matching tote bag and crinkled paper. You'll be ready to present this gift in only a few minutes. All buttoned up, pretty, and sophisticated.


Please be aware that the items in our photos are often much larger than actual. This is done intentionally to give you a closeup view.





The Zoltan's Gemstone in Sterling Silver # 4262

SKU: 4262
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